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Montrose Environmental Group Enhances Its PFAS Water Treatment Solutions by Acquiring ECT2


IRVINE, CA (September 5, 2019) – Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. (“Montrose”), a high-growth environmental services company, and Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies, Inc. (“ECT2”), a global leader in cutting-edge solutions that mitigate the impact of emerging contaminants in air and water, today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Montrose has acquired ECT2 from its parent company, Haley & Aldrich, Inc. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

ECT2 is a leading provider of novel technologies for removing contaminants from water using a proprietary, cost-effective approach that leverages the properties of ion exchange resins to enable efficient analyte removal and on-site regeneration.  With successful applications deployed around the world for contaminants including 1,4-dioxane and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) in water, its systems have achieved industry-leading uptime and deliver contaminant removal well below specified limits. Due to this advanced technology, ECT2 became the PFAS treatment leader since 2017 in Australia, a country leading the way in PFAS remediation.

This acquisition is consistent with Montrose’s strategy to bring new, innovative technologies to the market that enhance its ability to solve the pressing environmental challenges of today while staying on the forefront of future emerging contaminants.  It allows Montrose to further differentiate from other environmental service providers, expand its current water treatment and groundwater remediation practices, and bolster its ability to provide an integrated solution for its clients.

“With a multi-billion-dollar total addressable market for PFAS remediation in the US alone, ECT2’s innovative, field-proven approach will allow Montrose to better capitalize on this growing market,” said Jose Revuelta, Chief Strategy Officer at Montrose. “ECT2 will expedite Montrose’s global expansion through its current leadership position in the treatment of PFAS in Australia.”

ECT2 is unique in its ability to develop and implement patented processes to address significant challenges with emerging contaminants, including PFAS.  “We identify difficult problems starting in the lab and develop cost-effective solutions with our proprietary technology to help clean-up the planet,” said Steve Woodard, President of ECT2. “As our mission is in line with Montrose, the marriage of these two companies will further enhance both of our desires to grow internationally in PFAS remediation.”

“We’re excited to see ECT2 take the next step to fulfill their potential under the guidance of its new strategic partner, Montrose,” said Larry Smith, President/CEO of Haley & Aldrich. Smith continued, “It’s been rewarding to see ECT2 grow over the last six years from essentially a start-up within Haley & Aldrich to a recognized leader in the marketplace for PFAS remediation solutions. Montrose is a perfect home for ECT2 given its focus on providing comprehensive, innovative environmental solutions for emerging contaminants.”

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